A book for you.

It's time to eradicate the factory model of work that left us addicted to busyness, control, and achievement.

I'm here to hand you the Three Keys to Rise & Thrive as a Badass Career Woman - Story. Money. Rhythm.

Are you ready to Write Your OWN Story?


The number one comment from Rebecca's keynotes is 'contagious energy'! Live or virtual; she knows how to engage an audience with humor, vulnerability, stories, and decades of relevant business experience. Check out a clip of Rebecca here.

Need a Coach?

Rebecca works one-on-one with career professionals to hold up the mirror and help you see you. She also works with leadership teams to help them work better together and align the organization. She specializes in meeting human needs and business needs using tools for you and your business to thrive. The foundation of her work is a simple Business is Human framework aligning the business needs to control, measure, and optimize with the human needs, which are personal, emotional, and social.



She brings decades of business experience, exceptional energy, and empathy to every show. The show shares practical advice, compelling stories, and guests to inspire and empower you to thrive. She'll challenge you to put down the need for permission and Write Your OWN Story. Listen now!

The Rise & Thrive Experience

Each year, 7 women join an elite 7-month experience called Rise & Thrive. These women learn and practice the mindset and tools to move from Striving to Thriving while building a real community, their own Badass Women's Council. The experience culminates into an International Women's Day event called Stand Tall in Your Story. Click the link to be inspired by these women and their stories. Interested in being on the stage? Click Here Rise&ThriveS4. Watch this testimonial


Meet Rebecca

The badass behind it all.

With nearly three decades of experience, a $35M sales track record, a popular TEDx talk, a best-selling book, and 15 years in the esteemed President’s Club at FranklinCovey, you could say I've lived a little. I've also navigated divorce, co-parenting, raising a couple of amazing humans, including one with ADHD, and launching a business.

What I know to be true in all of it, there's always head trash, our uniqueness matters most, business is human, and striving and comparison are dream killers.

I'm most alive when I watch my clients come alive, find their tribe, and thrive.

There's this "look" when they're thriving as their most authentic self. Their eyes sparkle, they stand taller and they laugh way more. It's badass. I'm here for it.

meet rebecca



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 Rebecca's first book launched in the #1 spot for new releases in coaching and mentoring.

"We are not machines here to produce; we're beautiful humans here to add value, be relevant and make an impact."

This book emboldens women to navigate uncertainty and be intensely self-aware, unapologetic of their talents and committed to connect and serve.

With an open mind, open heart, and open hands, Rebecca will hand you the keys ...

Story. Money. Rhythm.


Let’s move from striving to thriving.

lTogether we can rise to be our best selves—expand our impact and our influence on the world. If you’re ready to lead the Age of Humanity, I’d love to talk to you! Book a free 30-min Discovery call to explore your next best step. Time to thrive, and see how we can help.

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