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We see you, doing "all the things" constantly trying to get caught up. Burnout has been dubbed an occupational phenomenon and high-achievers are at risk. Let us help you build a life with more meaning, not just more meetings. Self-reflection gives us the confidence to connect authentically and direct us into our best life.

Power in connection.

I created a space just for career women, away from the angry mobs on social channels. This isn't a space for selling or moaning and bitching. It's a place for us to come together authentically to grow, prosper, and flourish; the definition of thriving. We're hard-wired for connection. Check out the Badass Womens Council online community.

Executive Coaching

The number one common theme among all our clients, uncertainty. The "what ifs" of leading and creating bold moves in your business. We want you to know your unique gifts and talents and to use them intentionally. Our role as your coach is to hold up the mirror to help you, see you. The higher you go in your career, the more important it is to have someone as invested in your success as you are. Book at 30 min call to see if we've got the right coaching package for you.

Keynote Speakers

What's the vibe of your event, the message you're trying to send to your company or your team? This is our primary focus. We match the best speaker and the most relevant topic to your event. We can build a custom keynote to tell your story or connect our content to your needs.

Consulting & Team Coaching

We know you're not okay if your team and your business aren't thriving. We see you. We're here to provide the strategy, brand, content, and consulting support you deserve. We cut to the core of business and humans. We dig into how your business serves other humans, how this story gets told, and how you make money. This is the foundation for any business, no corporate-speak BS.


Hosting an event? We've got you covered! Your leaders may be great but are they great speakers? Let us help with some #frontrowfan coaching to be sure the message is what they remember not how boring the speaker was! We've got emcees, video production, copywriting, and overall creative support. We make your event thrive!

Check Out Our Annual Stand Tall in Your Story event 


Meet Rebecca

The badass behind it all.

With nearly three decades of experience, a $35M sales track record, a popular TEDx talk, inclusion in a best-selling business book, and 15 years in the esteemed President’s Club at FranklinCovey, you could say I've lived a little. I've also navigated divorce, co-parenting, raising a couple of amazing humans, including one with ADHD, and launching a business.

What I know to be true in all of it, there's always head trash, our uniqueness matters most, business is human and striving and comparison are dream killers.

I'm most alive when I watch our clients come alive, find their tribe, and thrive.

There's this "look" when they're thriving as their most authentic self. Their eyes sparkle, they stand taller and they laugh way more. It's badass. I'm here for it.

meet rebecca



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Meet the Thrive Guides


Let's schedule a 30-minute call to learn about you.

We provide executive one on one coaching, team coaching & facilitation, business consulting, keynote speakers, events, and content for your group or organization.

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with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Rebecca has decades of experience coaching and consulting business leaders. She knows her way around strategy, sales, and execution but what she’ll always lead you back to is BUSINESS is human. She’s personally sold $35M and has lead large scale organizational change, all by knowing most about humans.


with Alissa Bartenbach

Alissa Bartenbach is certified by Brené Brown to facilitate our Dare To Lead™ program. She also leads a session on Rebellious Resilience. Alissa’s open and candid approach is designed to create safe and effective learning environments. She’s never silent about hard things and wants to empower and educate others to do the same.

Executive Assistant Coaching

with Carla Hayden

The relationship between an Executive and their Executive Assistant has the power to dramatically multiply value to the business and create clarity out of chaos for you the business leader. Carla Hayden is passionate about creating clarity and exceptional value from this partnership. Choosing the right person for your Executive Assistant and preparing them well […]

Alexandra Ruffato-Perry
Speaking Human

with Alexandra Ruffato-Perry

Alex is the #frontrowfan for our clients. We believe standing tall in our stories builds confidence. Alex helps choose the words to tell their stories and to deliver them with authentic confidence. A communication expert, Alex coaches TEDx speakers & leaders, she also drives a minivan and gets nervous before she speaks, because she’s human.

meet rebecca
Personal Brand

with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Self-awareness builds confidence and creates the courage to make bold moves. When we work intentionally to know and build our personal brand it empowers us to build more authentic connections.

Career Coaching

with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Making a career change can be exciting and frightening. When you know in your gut it’s time to make a move, don’t resist. Let us help you move from uncertainty to bold confidence as you write your Career Transition Story. We don’t start over in a career change, we step up and into a new […]

Let’s move from striving to thriving.

Together we can rise to be our best selves—expand our impact and our influence on the world. If you’re ready to ban burnout, build community, and boost business, I’d love to talk to you! Book a free 30-min Discovery call to explore your next best step. Time to thrive, see how we can help.

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